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    Blog — ecologico

    Ingredientes en lubricantes a evitar en un resbalón feliz

    Ingredientes en lubricantes a evitar en un resbalón feliz
    Ya sabes que nosotros somos más naturales que las flores y las abejas, pero no ocurre lo mismo con todos los productos de higiene íntima. Así que vamos con una lista de ingredientes en los lubricantes que preferimos evitar. Sigue leyendo para conocer todos estos ingredientes que no fluyen.

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    El mejor retardante para hombres, ¿cómo es?

    El mejor retardante para hombres, ¿cómo es?

    Ser rápido es bueno para unas cosas pero indudablemente malo para otras. Para eso existen los retardantes para hombres, que alargan resbalones. Y ni siquiera es necesario sufrir de eyaculación precoz para usarlos. Los recomendamos para todo el mundo, porque alargar el placer nos parece una buena opción en todo caso…

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    Advantages of natural lubricants for women

    Ventajas de los lubricantes naturales para mujer

    We are Lubets, and we are dedicated to creating natural lubricants for women. So, as you will understand, we consider them to be a fantastic product, which manages to improve the lives of our clients (and clients too). We have not created these single-dose lubricants to solve a pathology, what we are looking for is more joy, more pleasure, more enjoyment. That sex becomes an explosion of sensations and not the routine of every Saturday night.

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    To the water, lubricant! We went out in Cuore

    ¡Al agua, lubricante! Salimos en Cuore

    Although we see September on the calendar and we have returned to the routine, there is something that has not changed: it's still hot

    A part of us may already be longing for a change of wardrobe, to curl up under the duvet and have a warm tea, but at the moment the weather is not inviting. Instead, it does invite us to squeeze every last drop of summerThat is why, although we are no longer on vacation, today we want to talk to you about drops, water and oil and above all about slipping to get rid of the heat. 

    Because yes, it's still time to slip in the water, and surely if you've ever tried it you've realized that It's not as idyllic as in the movies, come on, that the subject does not finish flowing at all, right? 

    Basically, because as they say in this article from CUORE.ES

    "Friend, even if you're wet from head to toe, you need a little helper: a oil based lubricant”.

    And it is that, the natural lubrication of our body is produced based on water, so if we get into a pool, beach, jacuzzi or even a bathtub, it is easily diluted, leaving the area drier than a desert in August. So it is important to make sure that everything goes well so that this sexual fantasy come true does not end in a nightmare.

    Oil-based lubricant: your best ally in the water 

    At Lubets we have the perfect solution for your water slips: Lubets oil-based lubricant, a ecological lubricant and pocket, to make it even more practical to carry it with you.

    You splash and we will make sure that it is an unforgettable experience and that everything flows as it should. 100% natural, made with shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, the Lubets lubricant oil based It will take care of your body and the environment. 

    Orgasms with awareness

    We like orgasms with awareness! Those who are respectful of your body and our planet. 

    oil-based lubricant Lubets It is dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its active ingredients that respect the pH of your skin. 

    For external use, you will love using it to slide under or out of the water and to give massages (the happy ending is up to you). But remember that the use of this type of lubricant is not compatible with condoms or toys.  

    In addition, our packaging require the use of 50% less material than the usual boats and the manufacturing process is low energy impact.

    So now we only have to tell you: Happy dip and may the Lubets be with you!


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