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    Blog — series

    The best series to click

    Las mejores series para hacer clic

    The season of series, blanket and sofa is officially inaugurated! But… we weren't going to give up clicks, were we? On the contrary! Under the blanket there is a world of possibilities and fun, but the wrong series can cut us off in an alarming way. And we don't want that to happen, do we?

    For this reason, we want to bring you 7 series for Sunday autumn slips. There they go!

    Slip Series

  • Sex education - Netflix
  • Discover the sexual concerns of Moordale High School students. A fun plot that revolves around Otis, the son of a renowned sexologist, who will become the sexual counselor of his peers. 

    Sex with humor and openly, very Lubets.

  • Bonding
  • If you are looking for something different, this is your series. “Bonding” tells us about a New York university student who pays for her studies by acting as a dominatrix. Yes, yes, as you have read. 

    Bizarre situations, open-mindedness, fun and an approach to sex without taboos. 

  • You, me and her - Netflix
  • Three is not a crowd. At least not in "You, me and her", a romantic comedy that talks about polyamory and sex, with ideal scenes of passion to inspire you a good slip. 


  • Sex and Life - Netflix
  • One of the series that is most successful today. A peculiar love triangle between a woman, her husband and her past. A series that speaks to us of the need for new experiences and whose scenes will power us to the limit.

  • Girls - HBO
  • A reflection of how the new generations live sex: 4 millennials in New York telling us about their sex lives, loves and heartbreaks. Transgressive and incorrect, this series will enchant you for its naturalness. In addition, her bed scenes are so explicit that you won't need imagination to slip.

  • Wanderlust - HBO
  • When a couple is bored in their sexual life it is important to make a decision. “Wanderlust” introduces us to open relationships as the new normal, with believable characters, many nuances, and a very well crafted message. Do you dare?

  • Elite - Netflix
  • Las Encinas is the hottest institute in recent times. Mystery, murders and open sex starring some young people who give free rein to their most primal desires. Slip insured!

    So now you can turn on the TV with your favorite Lubets close at hand. The "alone or with a partner" we leave it to you. 

    May the Lubets be with you! ;)