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    Blog — potenciador de orgasmo femenino

    Trucos para acelerar el orgasmo femenino

    Trucos para acelerar el orgasmo femenino
    A nosotros nos gusta que los resbalones sean un viaje placentero y nos tomamos nuestro tiempo en recorrer el camino. Pero entendemos que no todo el mundo es así, que hay quien tiene prisa y quiere su orgasmo lo antes posible. Para ellos, tenemos una guía con algunos consejitos para acelerar el orgasmo femenino y ver fuegos artificiales por la vía rápida.

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    Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer Reviews

    Opiniones del potenciador de orgasmo femenino Lubets

    is ours flagship product, the best seller and the most appreciated by our customers. And the opinions of the female orgasm enhancer confirm this. Those who have tried it emphasize that it fulfills what it promises. How does he do it? Thanks to its combination of natural ingredients, it makes the blood supply to the area be stimulated. And the more blood circulating there, the better and more extreme sensations. Get to know the real opinions of our clients.

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    The clitoris concentrates some 8,000 nerve endings that give women pleasure.

    El clítoris concentra unas 8.000 terminaciones nerviosas que dan placer a la mujer.

    For that, our protagonist Gel Lubricant Female Orgasm Enhancer will make your endings all happy.

    It is applied a little while before the meeting (or masturbation, as you prefer). About five minutes will suffice. Give yourself a small drop on the clitoris, and nowhere else… only there. (You already know where it is, and if not, check the first section of this article.)

    You will notice its effect right away: our orgasm-enhancing Lubets activates blood flow and produces tingling and makes you warm. This, in the clitoris, makes you excited to infinity, gaining sensitivity and therefore better sex.

     Some questions and answers about the Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer Gel.

    It can be eaten? 

    No, your application is exclusively external. (This does not mean that it cannot be inserted into the vagina, just that it cannot be ingested.) 

    How long does the effect last? 

    If no two women are the same, imagine two clitorises. The duration will depend on your sensitivity in the area. But, whatever you are, it will last you for a while: a powder, at least. Maybe more, if you keep wanting. 

    Can it be used with other products?

    There is no problem in using us with sex toys or condoms.

    Important information about Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer Gel.

     The increase in blood flow is produced by an extract of Hypericum Perforatum (Hypericus). Its use is completely safe, as it is made from natural products, some of organic origin. In addition, it is dermatologically and gynecologically tested. 


    We can be calm, now let yourself go and enjoy a better female climax, which will obviously affect your partner and increase the quality of your sexual relations.