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    Blog — bienestar sexual

    What is the best lubricant? We explain all types

    ¿Cuál es el mejor lubricante? Explicamos todos los tipos

    Search the best lubricant, especially when one is not familiar with the products in the category, can lead to despair. Where do I begin? What is the best option for beginners? What feeling will I get with each of them? These are all perfectly reasonable questions that we seek to answer.

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    Natural lubricants, are they just as effective?

    Lubricantes naturales, ¿son igual de efectivos?

    The fact that lubricants are made with natural ingredients does not mean that they are less effective for their main purpose. Moreover, it is preferable for your health to use natural lubricants over other alternatives with more chemical products, which can be much more aggressive for your skin or mucous membranes.

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    Sex to lose weight, is it really effective?

    Sexo para adelgazar, ¿de verdad es efectivo?

    A very high percentage of the population is on a diet (temporarily or permanently). So it is common for you to ask us if sex can help you lose weight. We Lubets are researchers by nature, so we've got to work in our slip lab to find out if sex slims or if it ‘only’ serves to give taste.

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    Gay Pride flag, origin and meaning

    Bandera del Orgullo Gay, origen y significado

    Like every year, Pride is celebrated at the end of June, a festival that claims diversity and is celebrated throughout the world by LGTBI+ groups, as well as anyone who wants to fly the gay pride flag. And precisely about the flag we are going to tell you more things, such as its origin or what it means.

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    Safe sex: mistakes you should avoid at all costs

    Sexo seguro: errores que debes evitar a toda costa
    In Lubets we love safe sex. We are not very fond of giving names to sex, but in this case it does deserve it. We want you to flow, to enjoy the pleasure to the nth degree and that you experience unforgettable orgasms, but if they are safe, much better. That is why we want to detail some common mistakes when it comes to practicing safe sex. 

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    Is bleeding during sexual intercourse normal?

    ¿Es normal el sangrado durante las relaciones sexuales?

    Around one in ten women experience bleeding during or after sexual intercourse. Are you part of that group? In principle, you do not have to worry, although it is true that it is not necessarily a symptom of any disease, there is that possibility. Read on to learn more about the possible causes of this bleeding.

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