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    Blog — lubricantes

    Use lubricant in the water, tips and tricks

    Usar lubricante en el agua, trucos y consejos

    With the heat, we all want a water slip, better using a lubricant in the water. But if you've ever tried or tried it, you'll already know that it's not an easy fan like in the movies. To improve the experience, we give you some tips and tricks that can make the dip unforgettable.

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    What is the best lubricant? We explain all types

    ¿Cuál es el mejor lubricante? Explicamos todos los tipos

    Search the best lubricant, especially when one is not familiar with the products in the category, can lead to despair. Where do I begin? What is the best option for beginners? What feeling will I get with each of them? These are all perfectly reasonable questions that we seek to answer.

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    Natural lubricants, are they just as effective?

    Lubricantes naturales, ¿son igual de efectivos?

    The fact that lubricants are made with natural ingredients does not mean that they are less effective for their main purpose. Moreover, it is preferable for your health to use natural lubricants over other alternatives with more chemical products, which can be much more aggressive for your skin or mucous membranes.

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    Safe sex: mistakes you should avoid at all costs

    Sexo seguro: errores que debes evitar a toda costa
    In Lubets we love safe sex. We are not very fond of giving names to sex, but in this case it does deserve it. We want you to flow, to enjoy the pleasure to the nth degree and that you experience unforgettable orgasms, but if they are safe, much better. That is why we want to detail some common mistakes when it comes to practicing safe sex. 

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    Unassuming individual female pleasure

    Placer femenino individual sin tapujos

    Individual female pleasure has been a taboo subject. While with them there is a lot of consensus in considering masturbation as a very common practice, among them it seems that it is more difficult to admit it. Why not enjoy the pleasure without company? Find out how with Lubets.

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    Lubricants and pregnancy, what is safe and what is not

    Lubricantes y embarazo, qué es seguro y qué no

    It is a very frequent doubt that you transfer to us, ¿can i use lubricants during pregnancy? The answer is quite simple: yes. But as so many others come behind this question, we are going to come up with a quick guide to questions and answers about lubricants and pregnancy.

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