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    Blog — parejas

    Sex to lose weight, is it really effective?

    Sexo para adelgazar, ¿de verdad es efectivo?

    A very high percentage of the population is on a diet (temporarily or permanently). So it is common for you to ask us if sex can help you lose weight. We Lubets are researchers by nature, so we've got to work in our slip lab to find out if sex slims or if it ‘only’ serves to give taste.

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    Surprise for boyfriends and very original gifts

    Sorpresa para novios y regalos muy originales

    get a good one surprise for boyfriends it is always a challenge. Whether you are a friend, relative or a member of the couple who wants their detail to be remembered for many years, we can provide you with some original and fun ideas that will go down in history.

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    Are you one of those who get carried away or one of those who lead?

    ¿Eres de los que se dejan llevar o de los que llevan?

    In all couples, whatever their type, there is always someone who is more in the flow and another who is in control.

    The people who are from flow they tend to be less intense, they like to enjoy the present, they are to live in the now. Very from here I catch you and take out the Lubets. They like to store anecdotes, in their agenda there is almost never order but they do it as the hours arise. Apparently they seem disorganized but thanks to their ability to focus on the moment they are living, they manage to prioritize more than anyone else and keep everything up to date.



    those who carry the reins and they like to be the dominant voice, this does not mean that they impose their rules but they do have an ace up their sleeve (or a Lubets in their pocket) always ready for when the occasion deserves it.

    They need to know what they are going to do as soon as they get up and organize the whole week, they are the ones who make reservations at the top restaurants in the city, the ones who plan the trips and mark the route map, the explorers with a fixed course.



    We can also find couples who both get carried away or both are one of those who lead. If this happens, we recommend running away. xD No, it's a joke. There are solutions for everything, seeking balance is difficult but if you want it you can get it, and whatever you are, in Lubets always there is room for a new adventure, we we are to let ourselves go.

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