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    Blog — lubricantes monodosis

    Lubets for beginners

    Lubets para principiantes

    Do you want to start slipping and don't know where to start? Do not worry! Here you have the definitive guide to get the Click you are looking for. 

    We Lubets are your new best friends. We warn you: we will get into your life and your pocket and you will never want to explore the world without us. We will make you slip with pleasure, we will take care of you and we will provide you with your best trips without leaving home.

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    Alicia Zurita, creator of the “ecological orgasms”

    Alicia Zurita, creadora de los “orgasmos ecológicos”

    We know that you know the Lubets and that you love to slip but... do you know who is the inventor of these little packets of pleasure? 

    Alicia Zurita is a born entrepreneur, mother of ecological orgasms, slips, clicks and the orgasm enhancer (Amen!). Her thing is to innovate and for this reason, she has been interviewed in Innova Spain, the leading innovation newspaper.

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