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    Blog — lubricante base agua

    ¿Qué es el punto U? Guía para estimularlo

    ¿Qué es el punto U? Guía para estimularlo

    Hay vida más allá del punto G. De hecho, existen otras zonas de placer sexual tan estimulantes como esa, pero son menos conocidas. Por ejemplo, el Punto U. Sigue leyendo si quieres saber más de esta zona erógena femenina que normalmente es una de las grandes olvidadas.

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    What is the best lubricant? We explain all types

    ¿Cuál es el mejor lubricante? Explicamos todos los tipos

    Search the best lubricant, especially when one is not familiar with the products in the category, can lead to despair. Where do I begin? What is the best option for beginners? What feeling will I get with each of them? These are all perfectly reasonable questions that we seek to answer.

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    What lubricant should be used with erotic toys?

    ¿Qué lubricante hay que usar con los juguetes eróticos?

    Choosing a good lubricant to use with erotic toys implies having a minimum knowledge of types, characteristics, etc. There are many lubricants and each one of a different type, so read carefully a couple of tips to know which lubricant is suitable to combine with erotic toys with Lubets.

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    Lubricants and pregnancy, what is safe and what is not

    Lubricantes y embarazo, qué es seguro y qué no

    It is a very frequent doubt that you transfer to us, ¿can i use lubricants during pregnancy? The answer is quite simple: yes. But as so many others come behind this question, we are going to come up with a quick guide to questions and answers about lubricants and pregnancy.

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    Lubets for beginners

    Lubets para principiantes

    Do you want to start slipping and don't know where to start? Do not worry! Here you have the definitive guide to get the Click you are looking for. 

    We Lubets are your new best friends. We warn you: we will get into your life and your pocket and you will never want to explore the world without us. We will make you slip with pleasure, we will take care of you and we will provide you with your best trips without leaving home.

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    If we talk about lubricants... Water or oil?

    Si hablamos de lubricantes... ¿Agua o aceite?

    Well… it depends on what you have in mind! Ok yes, we know you feel like clicking, but we are referring to the type of slip you are planning. Because, for example, you don't need the same type of lubricant if what you want is a pool session and orgasms, as if you're thinking about watching Netflix and ending up praising God. So let's go by parts.

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