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    Blog — resbalar

    Natural lubricants, are they just as effective?

    Lubricantes naturales, ¿son igual de efectivos?

    The fact that lubricants are made with natural ingredients does not mean that they are less effective for their main purpose. Moreover, it is preferable for your health to use natural lubricants over other alternatives with more chemical products, which can be much more aggressive for your skin or mucous membranes.

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    Sex to lose weight, is it really effective?

    Sexo para adelgazar, ¿de verdad es efectivo?

    A very high percentage of the population is on a diet (temporarily or permanently). So it is common for you to ask us if sex can help you lose weight. We Lubets are researchers by nature, so we've got to work in our slip lab to find out if sex slims or if it ‘only’ serves to give taste.

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    Sexual preliminaries, practical guide

    Preliminares sexuales, guía práctica

    Here I catch you, here I kill you has passed to a better life. Sexual preliminaries are an essential part of the slip. And there are even those who do not need penetrative sex and prefer to have a more sensual experience with foreplay.

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    The perfect sensual massage, step by step

    El masaje sensual perfecto, paso a paso

    We Lubets are many things, but if we boast of anything, it is that we are authentic specialists in giving sensual massages unique (because to receive them we are all worth it). As we are generous and we like you to slip, we are going to share our wisdom with you with this guide to give the perfect sensual massage, step by step, and soft, soft. We hope you will succeed with her and that you will share that triumph with us, young apprentice.

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    4 hot games for these holidays

    4 juegos hot para estas fiestas
    Finally! A few days off! Ideal for slowing down, pampering yourself and dedicating yourself to slipping and slipping and slipping… How? What do you need ideas? Do not worry! Grab your Lubets and let's play!

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