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    Blog — autocuidado

    Ingredientes en lubricantes a evitar en un resbalón feliz

    Ingredientes en lubricantes a evitar en un resbalón feliz
    Ya sabes que nosotros somos más naturales que las flores y las abejas, pero no ocurre lo mismo con todos los productos de higiene íntima. Así que vamos con una lista de ingredientes en los lubricantes que preferimos evitar. Sigue leyendo para conocer todos estos ingredientes que no fluyen.

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    Unassuming individual female pleasure

    Placer femenino individual sin tapujos

    Individual female pleasure has been a taboo subject. While with them there is a lot of consensus in considering masturbation as a very common practice, among them it seems that it is more difficult to admit it. Why not enjoy the pleasure without company? Find out how with Lubets.

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    Advantages of natural lubricants for women

    Ventajas de los lubricantes naturales para mujer

    We are Lubets, and we are dedicated to creating natural lubricants for women. So, as you will understand, we consider them to be a fantastic product, which manages to improve the lives of our clients (and clients too). We have not created these single-dose lubricants to solve a pathology, what we are looking for is more joy, more pleasure, more enjoyment. That sex becomes an explosion of sensations and not the routine of every Saturday night.

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    The best thing about dinner? Dessert!

    ¿Lo mejor de la cena? ¡El postre!

    You already know that in Lubets we are very horny (in the broad sense of the term) and that our thing is to make the good vibes flow, and that is why this summer we bring out an action very much like us: without limits.

    And it is that we basically got into delivery dinners. Yes, yes, just as you have read them. Put yourself in a situation: a hot weekend, you're at home with your partner (or not, we don't get into that anymore) and you stop cooking, an option comes to your mind and you ask the question... Shall we order something? sushi? poke? Mexican? 

    Any of the 3 works for us! Because making your order at Arepa Olé, True Sushi or Mahalo, a surprise was waiting for you in the form of dessert.


    Lubets: we are the dessert to share


    Can you think of a better way to end a steamy night? Put to spend heat, better sweat pleasure. And after a good dinner, nothing goes better than a delicious dessert, especially when there is only one option on the menu: you. 

    For this reason, Lubets is the best dessert to share and end the evening in style, letting yourself go! And hey, who knows, maybe we helped more than one to take the step they didn't dare to take and between "hee hee, haha" he slips up!