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    Blog — regalos originales

    Surprise for boyfriends and very original gifts

    Sorpresa para novios y regalos muy originales

    get a good one surprise for boyfriends it is always a challenge. Whether you are a friend, relative or a member of the couple who wants their detail to be remembered for many years, we can provide you with some original and fun ideas that will go down in history.

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    On the single's day, give the gift of Lubets!

    El día del soltero, ¡regala Lubets!
    If you live your single life happily and you're sick of having to put up with the fact that the week of February 14th it's impossible to find anything that doesn't have the shape of a heart, we have news for you! Vengeance arrives: November 11 is the day of the single. 

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    Before, during and after

    Antes, durante y después

    In this of slipping there are many myths and preconceptions that have become more obsolete than shoulder pads (although every two times three they come back) and one of them touches us very, very close... There it goes! It is said, it is heard, it is rumored that… lubricants cut the roll.

    Yes, yes, as you have read. Amazing! It is clear that whoever still affirms this, does not know us. Because okay, a boat that ends up all sticky is not sexy at all, but… us? we are super cool.

    No more hiding lube or carrying it around as if it were contraband, no, a Lubets parades and proudly displays. And that is why we have decided to claim our place in your bed and in your life in general and end once and for all with this injustice that persecutes us. 

    And it was just at this moment when we got into the Joan of Arc sex version that we realized that we are not the only ones. We are not alone. There are other great victims who have been prohibited from entering the world of sexual fantasies, who are abandoned at the foot of the bed and who have also been hung up with the “roll cutter” sign. And they are, the socks! 

    So, we have joined forces to demolish once and for all these myths and proclaim to the four winds that no, we are not roll-cutters!

    Lubets & Dabooty Ecowear: the most revolutionary pack

    We are the resistance! Because with cold feet you do not slip well and to be able to enjoy a good slip it is not enough just to feel like it. That's why we've joined Dabooty Ecowear to throw the Pack “Before, during and after”, so that you start to flow with whoever you want, where you want and when you want. 

    The perfect union between socks and lubricants. A blow on the table of prejudice to claim our place and leave us with stigmas. The revolution begins! And we want you to enjoy us before, during and after

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