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    Blog — libros

    5 erotic novels to read on the beach

    5 novelas eróticas para leer en la playa

    August arrives and the holidays are knocking at the door, finally! We already visualize ourselves doing something that we love: lying down to read on the beach. Can you think of a better plan? Not us :D

    That is why today we bring you 5 erotic novels to read on the beach and enjoy increasing the temperature, and by the way get ideas to try at home (in the car, the park, a hotel, the pool or wherever we feel like click).

    So here we go:

    1. Ask me what you want - Megan Maxwell

    An erotic, sensual and morbid book in which you will find represented many of the fantasies of women.

    Plot Summary:

    After the death of his father, the prestigious German businessman Eric Zimmerman decides to travel to Spain to supervise the delegations of the Müller company. At the central office in Madrid, he meets Judith, a witty and friendly young woman with whom he immediately falls in love.

    Judith succumbs to the attraction that the German exerts on her and agrees to be part of his sexual games, full of fantasies and eroticism. Together with him, he will learn that we all have a voyeur inside, and that people are divided into submissive and dominant... But time passes, the relationship intensifies, and Eric begins to fear that his secret will be discovered, something that could mark the beginning or the end of the relationship.

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    2. I hide nothing from you - Sylvia Day

    A provocative and passionate novel that will cost you to forget.

     Plot Summary:

    “Gideon Cross appeared in my life like a bolt of lightning… He was handsome and brilliant, unpredictable and sensual. I was drawn to it like no one and nothing ever had."

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    3. Seduction - Ellen Malpas

    Ideal for those who are not satisfied with just one novel. "Seduction" is the first installment of a whole saga of erotic books created by Ellen Malpas.

     Plot Summary:

    Three... I know he doesn't suit me.

    Two... My gut is screaming at me to run.

    One... But if you keep looking at me like that...

    What will I do when it reaches zero?

    Indomitable, controlling, authoritarian, relentless, sweet, provocative...

    It is dangerous.

    It is enigmatic.

    It is absolutely addictive.

    He's my man.

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    4. History of O - Pauline Reacts

    A classic that takes us into the world of BDSM. Ready?

     Plot Summary:

    A classic of erotic literature, this novel narrates the initiation of a young woman named O into a peculiar form of sexual slavery that was soon associated with sadomasochism. Incited by René, her lover, O submits to various tests that gradually lead her into a world in which pain and pleasure, punishment and relief are intimately intertwined. His shocking experiences, while investigating the limits of the human soul, laid the foundations for a new eroticism.

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    5. Diary of a voyeur - Maya Reynolds

    When the pleasure lies in looking.

     Plot Summary:

    Shy social worker Sandy Davis had only one vice: After dark, she spied on her neighbors during their most uninhibited moments. Night after night, behind every window, in every anonymous bedroom, Sandy found material for her wildest fantasies. It did not hurt anyone. It was just a game. No one would find out. Until one night the phone rang… «-You have been a bad girl.» He calls himself Justice, and he also has a hobby: watching how Sandy watches others. He has photos that prove it. Now it's his turn to play.

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    And with this and your favorite Lubets, to enjoy the holidays! Remember: imagination is the only limit. Happy summer slips!