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    Blog — ecologico

    One click and change the myth

    Un clic y cambia el mito

    From romantic love to real love by Lubets

    We like to turn customs upside down, that's why we change the cumbersome bottles of lubricant for sexy and fun single-dose.

    And today we come to dismantle the myths of romantic love in a different way than what you can read these days in hundreds of articles.

    there you take them

    love can with everything

    Well, it depends on what the whole weighs and the whole we are talking about. A little emotional fitness please. We have to look for mechanisms/ psychologists/ beers/ friends/ that help our relationships maintain a balance of peace and fluidity in which the only thing that has to fit is the sheets after a great or-gas-mo ( with lots of love)


    Love at first sight

    Important, always wear your glasses, and in the event that we have lynx vision, let's learn to test before taking out the ring, that is... the packaging may be very nice, but... the quality is carried inside. (In our case, 10ml puts you to the test)


    The right person fills you in every way

    Wrong. If you are looking for someone to fill your existential gaps, you are not looking for a life partner, you are looking for a coach 24 hours a day. Before looking outside, look inside yourself (in your pocket, for example) what you lack and do not hold anyone responsible for your emotional shortcomings.


     If it doesn't work in sex it won't work

     What if we start from the basis that sexuality is also worked on? Like when you make your favorite dish, the first day you made paella, it was sure to be more like a soft-boiled risotto, right? Well, if your partner is great, you get along great and you like your mother-in-law. Start by working together that with-penetration. Play. Experiment. Laugh. Click. And enjoy.


    If there is jealousy, there is love

     If there is jealousy, what has stuck to you, literally, is an insecure and distrustful person, with a childish inner world that will want to play with you and not just for fun. So, the garden is big and full of delicious fruits and vegetables, don't keep the first turnip you find.


    If there is a couple, there is not satisfy

    Let's see friends, that myth was invented by a man with low "defenses". Do not you think? Sex toys, whatever their type, are a wonderful complement to boost trust in your partner, break routines and have a laugh before having a good time...By the way, we also like to get into those games.

    Are you one of those who get carried away or one of those who lead?

    ¿Eres de los que se dejan llevar o de los que llevan?

    In all couples, whatever their type, there is always someone who is more in the flow and another who is in control.

    The people who are from flow they tend to be less intense, they like to enjoy the present, they are to live in the now. Very from here I catch you and take out the Lubets. They like to store anecdotes, in their agenda there is almost never order but they do it as the hours arise. Apparently they seem disorganized but thanks to their ability to focus on the moment they are living, they manage to prioritize more than anyone else and keep everything up to date.



    those who carry the reins and they like to be the dominant voice, this does not mean that they impose their rules but they do have an ace up their sleeve (or a Lubets in their pocket) always ready for when the occasion deserves it.

    They need to know what they are going to do as soon as they get up and organize the whole week, they are the ones who make reservations at the top restaurants in the city, the ones who plan the trips and mark the route map, the explorers with a fixed course.



    We can also find couples who both get carried away or both are one of those who lead. If this happens, we recommend running away. xD No, it's a joke. There are solutions for everything, seeking balance is difficult but if you want it you can get it, and whatever you are, in Lubets always there is room for a new adventure, we we are to let ourselves go.

    Are you coming?

    The clitoris concentrates some 8,000 nerve endings that give women pleasure.

    El clítoris concentra unas 8.000 terminaciones nerviosas que dan placer a la mujer.

    For that, our protagonist Gel Lubricant Female Orgasm Enhancer will make your endings all happy.

    It is applied a little while before the meeting (or masturbation, as you prefer). About five minutes will suffice. Give yourself a small drop on the clitoris, and nowhere else… only there. (You already know where it is, and if not, check the first section of this article.)

    You will notice its effect right away: our orgasm-enhancing Lubets activates blood flow and produces tingling and makes you warm. This, in the clitoris, makes you excited to infinity, gaining sensitivity and therefore better sex.

     Some questions and answers about the Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer Gel.

    It can be eaten? 

    No, your application is exclusively external. (This does not mean that it cannot be inserted into the vagina, just that it cannot be ingested.) 

    How long does the effect last? 

    If no two women are the same, imagine two clitorises. The duration will depend on your sensitivity in the area. But, whatever you are, it will last you for a while: a powder, at least. Maybe more, if you keep wanting. 

    Can it be used with other products?

    There is no problem in using us with sex toys or condoms.

    Important information about Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer Gel.

     The increase in blood flow is produced by an extract of Hypericum Perforatum (Hypericus). Its use is completely safe, as it is made from natural products, some of organic origin. In addition, it is dermatologically and gynecologically tested. 


    We can be calm, now let yourself go and enjoy a better female climax, which will obviously affect your partner and increase the quality of your sexual relations.

    Being echo takes

    Ser eco se lleva


    we are not much neither to follow trends nor to sign up to fashions, rather the opposite: we like more to break with the established. But it is true, that from time to time, some fashion arises that goes very well with us. 

    That's why we want to ask you a question: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Get washed? Make yourself a capsule coffee? 

    Because it is very likely that without being aware of it, from the first hour of the day you are (and we are) contributing to the deterioration of the planet. But luckily, it seems that being eco has become fashionable and we gladly join this trend.

    So whether you follow trends or not, what is clear is that being eco is carried out and it is for a common good. And even if it is only the beginning of a long road of changing consciousness, fresher, more empathetic and more open, it is undoubtedly something very necessary.

    Here we want to leave you some basic tips to become a true ecofriendly.

    • Don't turn your showers into a spa. If you want to relax, do it in dry mode.
    • Capsule coffee is more expensive and pollutes more. When I get home...Lifelong coffee, drip or Italian coffee maker. But if you want capsules, tip-off: Amazon has them reusable.
    • Turn off the plugs at night. You don't need a catwalk of lights when you get up to the bathroom.
    • In winter keep the heating at 20/21 degrees. There are many ways to get warm…we know it well.

    And the tip with the most tipazo of all.

    Use LUBETS. Because it is sexy, because our ingredients are natural, our packaging is manufactured at a low energy cost, not like the cumbersome bottles of traditional Lubricant. In addition, by using us you contribute to a better mood in the world and attitude is essential to start with the change.

    Being echo takes. Start with your pocket.