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    Health benefits of orgasm that you may not have known about

    Beneficios del orgasmo para la salud que quizás no conocías

    Orgasms are one of the best things there is, right? You already know that we are great defenders of pleasure for pleasure's sake. But there is more. There are many health benefits of orgasm that you may not even have known about. Shall we tell you? You just have to keep reading.

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    Unassuming individual female pleasure

    Placer femenino individual sin tapujos

    Individual female pleasure has been a taboo subject. While with them there is a lot of consensus in considering masturbation as a very common practice, among them it seems that it is more difficult to admit it. Why not enjoy the pleasure without company? Find out how with Lubets.

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    Sexual preliminaries, practical guide

    Preliminares sexuales, guía práctica

    Here I catch you, here I kill you has passed to a better life. Sexual preliminaries are an essential part of the slip. And there are even those who do not need penetrative sex and prefer to have a more sensual experience with foreplay.

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    What lubricant should be used with erotic toys?

    ¿Qué lubricante hay que usar con los juguetes eróticos?

    Choosing a good lubricant to use with erotic toys implies having a minimum knowledge of types, characteristics, etc. There are many lubricants and each one of a different type, so read carefully a couple of tips to know which lubricant is suitable to combine with erotic toys with Lubets.

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    Remedies for premature ejaculation

    Remedios para la eyaculación precoz
    The premature ejaculation It is a problem that affects a good number of men. Some studies say up to one in three. Nobody likes their relationship to end as soon as it begins, after a few moments or even before penetration. But the Lubets are here to help you and give you remedies with which to control another this problem. 

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    Lubricants and pregnancy, what is safe and what is not

    Lubricantes y embarazo, qué es seguro y qué no

    It is a very frequent doubt that you transfer to us, ¿can i use lubricants during pregnancy? The answer is quite simple: yes. But as so many others come behind this question, we are going to come up with a quick guide to questions and answers about lubricants and pregnancy.

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