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    Being echo takes

    Ser eco se lleva


    we are not much neither to follow trends nor to sign up to fashions, rather the opposite: we like more to break with the established. But it is true, that from time to time, some fashion arises that goes very well with us. 

    That's why we want to ask you a question: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Get washed? Make yourself a capsule coffee? 

    Because it is very likely that without being aware of it, from the first hour of the day you are (and we are) contributing to the deterioration of the planet. But luckily, it seems that being eco has become fashionable and we gladly join this trend.

    So whether you follow trends or not, what is clear is that being eco is carried out and it is for a common good. And even if it is only the beginning of a long road of changing consciousness, fresher, more empathetic and more open, it is undoubtedly something very necessary.

    Here we want to leave you some basic tips to become a true ecofriendly.

    • Don't turn your showers into a spa. If you want to relax, do it in dry mode.
    • Capsule coffee is more expensive and pollutes more. When I get home...Lifelong coffee, drip or Italian coffee maker. But if you want capsules, tip-off: Amazon has them reusable.
    • Turn off the plugs at night. You don't need a catwalk of lights when you get up to the bathroom.
    • In winter keep the heating at 20/21 degrees. There are many ways to get warm…we know it well.

    And the tip with the most tipazo of all.

    Use LUBETS. Because it is sexy, because our ingredients are natural, our packaging is manufactured at a low energy cost, not like the cumbersome bottles of traditional Lubricant. In addition, by using us you contribute to a better mood in the world and attitude is essential to start with the change.

    Being echo takes. Start with your pocket.