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    Blog — climax

    5 positions and an orgasm

    5 posturas y un orgasmo

    Sex is usually seen as a race to orgasm when deep down what we should do is dedicate ourselves to enjoying the journey more. Because, as much as we all like to go all the way, sometimes it's not easy, and if we put pressure on ourselves and rush to get an orgasm, we're in a bad way. 

    So relax, enjoy the ride and grab the Lubets Female Orgasm Enhancer and you will see how the walls of your house tremble. But just in case, here are 5 poses that will make climaxing so much easier-oooh ;)

    Warning: at Lubets we care about your sexual life but we do not manage possible complaints from neighbors caused by noises of pleasure derived from the use of our products. 

    1. Mécete

    Get on top and enjoy the power: you decide speed, times and incline. Wrap your legs around your partner's waist and move up and down, like a rocking chair. 


    2. Put them within their reach

    Bend over so that while you're on top of your partner, your nipples are within reach of his mouth. If you combine the fact that you are controlling the rhythm, with the penetration and stimulation of your nipples, the chances of reaching orgasm multiply exponentially. So, enjoy!

    3. Full accessibility

    Masturbation and penetration: winning combo! There are a lot of positions (you on top, you on your back, missionary with him slightly incorporated…) that allow you to stimulate or have your clitoris stimulated during sex. Which one do you dare first?

    4. The teaspoon

    Yes, just like that! It turns out that this position is not only ideal for snuggling in the winter but also helps us achieve orgasm. Slightly raise the upper leg for deeper penetration and use your hands to… well, for what we have told you in the previous point ;)

    5. Don't underestimate a good missionary

    Missionary may not be a very crazy position at first, but you don't have to go crazy to get an orgasm, knowing what you're doing helps. And when we talk about the missionary we talk about eye contact, deep penetration, connection with your partner and free hands to put them where you want. Come on… How could it not work?

    Do you want an extra? Get access to the female enhancer of Lubets Click, in every way!

    The thousand and one ways to reach orgasm

    Las mil y una maneras de llegar al orgasmo
    Let's not fool ourselves! During orgasm, the sensation of pleasure is maximum and we all like it. But have you ever wondered what climaxing depends on? We do, and everything we know we tell you in this post

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    Valentine's plans with lots of love (or not)

    Planes de San Valentín con mucho amor (O no)

     Proposals that are worn for an atypical Valentine's Day



    The fact that this February 14 catches us in a pandemic does not mean that we cannot celebrate it, but that we have to do it differently. And since we are specialists in giving that touch of magic to any moment with just one click, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day despite the restrictions.

    Warning, these plans are for you too, who spend the dates indicated, because on the 14th, "it slips or not" Lubets goes with you.


    • Dinner with two hands.

     cena a dos manos


    We propose a romantic and at the same time fun evening, put on your apron and think carefully about the menu. Each member of the couple will be in charge of a dish, which they will present to "their jury" in great detail, have 2 portions, don't fall short...and once you have eaten the first and second dishes, write in a paper a number from 1 to 10.


    Whoever gets the most points chooses the dessert...

    We have the perfect dessert proposal for you to warm up. (Ecological heat effect lubricant)


    • night between vineyards


    noche entre viñedos


    We know that many municipalities are confined, including communities, now it's time and never before has it been so easy for us to imagine a perfect night at home.


    We propose an evening of the most gastrocool. Go to the supermarket, get various cheeses, jams, and 4 bottles of different wines. Put them in the fridge so you can taste them with the different cheeses, a couple of drinks and you're done.

    Remember to cool them well because little by little the room temperature will rise, watch out for the jam... that's what we're here for.


    • Set up your own "Stay Room"


    stay room



    And for the most creative, spend a fun night hiding clues from your partner all over the house. Test him with questions, maybe you still don't know each other too well and that helps you get to know each other better. Or you have been together for a long time and you want to know spicy answers to break routines. You already know where the game ends. We will be close with just one click.


     May the Lubets be with you!