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    If you're here, it's because you're curious, you want more...

    Or you are very identified with this lifestyle that goes with you. Flow and slip everything is to start!

    Now yes, let's be serious. Ours is to cause smiles and orgasms.


    You can carry us in your pocket, we are 10 unique opportunities.

    Our packaging is so fun that ours is going to be a here I click you, here I hunt you.

    And how to speak? What would Amaral say? What if we don't practice it?

    Clearly more clicking is needed. Its benefits for body and mind are endless. You release tensions, you can boast of hydrated skin and great hair. In women, the release of hormones strengthens the bones and in men it improves their muscle mass (which makes them more attractive).

    In addition, the slips improve the flow of blood and therefore nutrients in the skin cells. And that makes you a hottie. Sex is the best sport there is; By increasing the heart rate, circulation is stimulated, the arteries dilate and absorb oxygen, thus preventing heart disease.

    Little is said about masturbation, but its practice in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer and in women it helps regulate the menstrual cycle as well as strengthen the famous 'pelvic floor' that helps to intensify their orgasms.

    In short, clicking makes you sleep soundly, you feel much better, improves your mood and your self-esteem, and makes you look in the mirror and say: I'm slipping today!

    So it's about time you click on your life.

    each lubets is specialized in provoking specific sensations

    ecological water-based lubricant

    Betting on him is like doing it in an infinity pool overlooking the best Balinese beaches. And all out of your pocket, without going very far. With the water base everything flows, everything is easy, everything is click.

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    ecological lubricant heat effect

    It warms the atmosphere and revolutionizes all sensations. A little itchiness here, warmth there, breathing begins to accelerate and... as Panto would say, the fire is on... Now it's time to start playing.

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    female orgasm enhancer

    It is the Best Seller of them (and of those who give it away). It is responsible for enhancing the sensations in the clitoris and in this way we already have a guaranteed slip. It does not matter with whom you share, alone or accompanied, what is clear is that here the game is won.

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    male orgasm enhancer

    It is specialized in making sensations much more intense, in intensifying sexual desire and achieving more pleasure. It can be used in company but also alone. It is a true guarantee of victory. 

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    male orgasm retardant

    It is designed so that you stay until the end, significantly lengthening your relationships and increasing the pleasure during them. Enjoy more and enjoy for longer. 

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    organic massage oil

    It's perfect for petting and being petted. The massage becomes an experience for the senses, culminating in a smile on your face and glowing, incredibly smooth skin. The effect is addictive. The one who tries me, repeats. 

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    ecological oil-based lubricant

    He is the specialist in everything going in and out without complications, he is also licensed in massages and caresses. A plus so that your relationships have a before, during and after full of movement and slippery pleasure. Move it. 

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