Hey! We are the natural one-dose, one-handed lubes that you can carry around with you. It’s that easy. We’re designed for your comfort, to enhance your elegance and nature, so that you keep your head in the game and won’t think of anything else ;)


We love sex, and have a natural understanding of its ways. We’re formulated with natural and organic ingredients, creatively combined to give you a lot of pleasure.

LUBETS is a 100% Spanish brand distributed worldwide. We’ve been designed to indulge your skin with our high-quality, organic-certified ingredients. 


Without complications
Our opening system is so easy that you will open it with just one hand.

We're clean

Our single-dose format avoids the uncomfortable collection of half-used bottles that sit around for ages, letting you skip the awkward and clumsy mess that kills the mood.

The best gift
Do you want to make a doubly unforgettable gift? The first when you unwrap it and the second when you use it.

Always with you
We fit in your pocket, purse, toiletry bag ... as if you want to carry us in your hat.

Great format
In each box 10 chances to get a A and still, you will repeat.

Our thing is to create an environment, not destroy it
We respect the environment. The material of our containers incorporates almost half the material of a average bottle and the manufacturing process is of low energy impact.

We keep very well
We are vacuum packed which makes us very fresh in every moment.


We introduce ourselves in  fun packs of 10 units, we are the ideal detail for any friend or lover.