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Our products are top quality, have organic components, and comply with all EU guarantees. Check all the information and, should you not find your answers here, contact us and we will solve all your doubts.


Are Lubets safe and hygienic?
Lubets comply with all EU health and safety guarantees. They are vacuum packed so that they can be kept safely, and for a long time.


Are they easy to apply?
Absolutely. You can open your Lubets with just one hand and apply them directly wherever you desire.   


Where can I apply the lubricant?
They can be applied directly to the penis or vagina. There is no need to put them in your hand first.


How much do I need in each session?
One Lubet is enough, unless your passion drives you again and again and again.


Can I use all lubricants with condoms?
Only water based lubes are compatible with condoms, the oil based ones are not.


Can I ingest the lubricants?
They are for external use. You must not ingest them.


Are orgasm enhancers safe?
Totally. They simply activate the blood flow in the genitals, providing warmth and a pleasant tingle that increases the pleasure during sex.


Why use Lubets over other products?
Lubets are practical, discreet, easy to carry, hygienic, fun and elegant. They make ideal gifts. Forget about multipurpose, vulgar, anti-erotic, unhygienic tubs and tubes which last less.


Are Lubets eco-friendly?
Lubets minimise the use of plastic in packaging, and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.