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    Our products are of the highest quality, have ecological components and comply with all EU guarantees.


    Sweet almond oil

    The almond tree, a tree of the Rosaceae family, has its origin in the mountainous regions of Central Asia, where it has been present since ancient times, being the Greeks who introduced it to southern Europe.

    Its pale golden oil, very unctuous and with a light fruity aroma, is extracted from the seed by pressure.

    It is an oil rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, mineral salts and fatty acids, resulting in a very nourishing oil, with a great softening effect and suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive and dry.

    Among its many benefits, sweet almond oil provides elasticity to the skin, leaving it hydrated, nourished and soft. In massage, its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties soften and calm the skin, in addition to being a great natural lubricant that helps protect the most sensitive skin, leaving it soft and silky, very pleasant to the touch.

    Argan oil

    The ancient Argan tree, from whose fruit its essential oil is extracted, is considered the liquid gold of Morocco for its extraordinary properties.

    With more than 75% unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil has a wonderful repairing and regenerating action on the skin. Rich in vitamin E, sterols and phenolic compounds, it also has antioxidant properties that help maintain the natural balance of our skin.

    Argan oil is quickly and excellently absorbed, perfectly hydrating the skin and reducing irritation and inflammation. Precious, highly nourishing and firming oil, when massaged, gives the skin a smoother, softer and more luminous appearance, increasing its attractiveness.

    Baobab oil

    Legendary and majestic "tree of life" of the African savannah from whose fruits the seeds that give us this rare and precious oil are extracted.

    It is an exceptional oil, rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, F and E and essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, improving its elasticity and cell regeneration.

    Emollient and relaxing, it provides an extraordinary sensation of softness to the touch, turning massages into a stimulating and sensual experience.

    hemp oil

    Hemp seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Historically its use dates back to 4000 BC in China, it has always been a very popular natural remedy in Eastern cultures. It is a non-greasy oil. It is easily absorbed, has moisturizing and skin rejuvenating properties. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, repairs damaged tissues thanks to its content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and helps improve psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry skin. It is made up of 80% essential fatty acids, this prevents the loss of moisture in the skin and therefore aging. It also provides mild UV protection.

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil has countless properties. Its fatty acids help restore the neutral Ph of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated. It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin aging thanks to its vitamin E, its proteins repair tissues and cell maintenance. In addition to repairing the skin, it provides luminosity to it. It prevents acne and infections and possible skin problems thanks to its antibiotic properties. Block 20% of UVA rays.

    Hypericum oil

    Summer plant with beautiful yellow flowers, also known as San Juan flower, whose petals dye the extra olive oil in a beautiful and intense red color in which they are macerated for 40 days and 40 nights in glass containers.

    There are many properties of this essential oil, highlighting its antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory action, which cares for and protects our skin, providing firmness and elasticity.

    It is also a great natural stimulant that increases the vital tone, favoring the sensitivity of our most intimate skin.

    macadamia nut oil

    Macadamia oil is obtained by pressing the fruits of the Macadamia tree, which can reach up to 12 meters in height.

    They are grown in tropical climates such as New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil or Hawaii, among others. It is composed of essential fatty acids with many benefits for the skin. Ideal for intensive hydration needs. Softens, moisturizes and regenerates the epidermis. It penetrates very well into the skin. Promotes healing.

    Sesame oil

    It is obtained by cold pressing of sesame seeds (sesame).

    It has 40% polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-6 series (linoleic acid). This type of fatty acids are not generated by our body, so they must be provided. Applied to the skin, omega-6 hydrates and nourishes it in depth.

    Especially indicated for dry areas, including eczema. It reaches the very deep layers, nourishing the fibroblasts and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It is an antioxidant thanks to its large amount of vitamin content neutralizing free radicals. It keeps very well for long periods of time. It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, ideal for acne treatment. Decongests the skin, cleaning it in depth.



    The pomegranate is native to the Mediterranean basin, the Persian Gulf. The Phoenicians were the first to cultivate it. It was highly prized in Egypt and Ancient Rome as a symbol of prosperity.

    Interestingly, it contains large amounts of punicic acid (Omega 5), which is very rare. This activates and protects the physiological functions of the skin, promotes cell regeneration and collagen production, hydrates skin cells as well as rejuvenating them, protects it from the sun and improves its elasticity and tone. It is antioxidant and prevents inflammation.

    Higo lead

    The prickly pear is the fruit of the prickly pear and we find it, especially in America, although it is also produced in Mediterranean countries.

    Among the properties we must highlight its high content of vitamins and minerals. Like vitamin C, flavonoids and betalains.

    Nopal or prickly pear oil has an important oily base that hydrates and nourishes our skin, it also protects it by being an antioxidant. Repairs irritated and damaged skin. It has regenerating properties that act on scars, stretch marks and skin blemishes.


    It is extracted from the fruit and seeds of the grapefruit, a subtropical citrus tree. Its first uses were as a disinfectant for skin, hair and homes, it was considered a powerful antiviral and antibacterial. Contains other antioxidants such as vitamin C, Sterols, Tocopherols, Citric Acid, etc.

    Its properties are very diverse, it is a powerful natural antiseptic, viral and antifungal agent. Contributes to wound healing and tissue healing. It is used as a treatment for vaginal infections and as a preventative and treatment for Candida. Alkalizes the body, helping to stabilize pH levels.



    Its exceptional composition of omega-6 fatty acids (more than 50%) and sterols make this extract a restructuring and great antioxidant for the most intimate skin, helping to nourish the skin and accelerate its regeneration process. In addition, it has excellent softening properties, which help to calm and protect the most sensitive areas.

    A source of sweetness, it becomes a dry and silky contact fluid, deeply nourishing the skin in a light and delicate way, giving it a soft and satin touch.

    Aloe Vera

    One of the secrets of Cleopatra's baths, this succulent plant stores in the gel of its leaves more than 20 essential minerals for the correct functioning of the various enzymatic systems of the skin. Highly penetrating, it creates a protective film on the surface of the skin that provides purifying, soothing and restorative sensations.

    Rich in vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids, organic aloe vera gel has extraordinary properties on the skin of the most intimate areas, compensating for water loss and lubricating naturally.


    Oatmeal provides the skin with multiple nutrients to keep it hydrated and firm it up. It has antioxidants necessary for its regeneration. Oatmeal provides 65% unsaturated fats and 35% linoleic acid that moisturizes and softens the epidermis. Its particles absorb dirt and cell debris, fighting acne or open and dirty pores. Calms, softens and relaxes the skin against irritation. It has a softening, relaxing and soothing action on skin irritations. Neutralizes skin pH and protects the cell membrane, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.


    It has soothing and softening properties. Excellent for soothing sensitive skin. It exerts a positive skin action in all cosmetic preparations.


    It is extracted from the seeds of the Camellia sinensis. For centuries, the female public in China has relied on this extract to care for their beauty. It is a wonderful moisturizer due to its exceptionally high content of oleic acid (omega-9). It is light and absorbs quickly into the skin.

    It is a wonderful moisturizer. It is an excellent antioxidant. Promotes and helps in the recovery of wounds and scrapes. Reduces inflammation in the skin. It is pain reliever. It has a mild astringent effect which makes it good for treating wounds and scars.

    Protects the skin from free radical damage thanks to its antioxidant action. It is antimicrobial stopping the proliferation of microbes.


    It is one of the most refined spices, native to South India and Ceylon. Considered a precious aphrodisiac, it is a perennial plant whose seeds are consumed.

    Cardamom seed contains essential oil, protein, water and carbohydrates and is rich in starch and fatty acids that invigorate and tone the body's systems.

    It has an exotic aroma, lemony and slightly spicy, very stimulating that awakens sexual desires and puts the body and mind in tune.

    Zizyphus jujuba extract

    This plant from East Asia contains active ingredients capable of improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin, remodeling the skin, and reinforcing the dermal-epidermal junction and redefining volumes for a more youthful appearance.

    Extracted from Enteromorpha compressa, Silybus marianum y Ocimum sanctum

    Thanks to its content in ursolic acid and silymarin, it acquires the actions that make it so special. It reduces inflammation, calms and reduces irritation and has a barrier effect, thus protecting the skin in its outermost layer.


    It is a herbaceous plant, in whose root a large part of the nutrients necessary for the human body abounds. It has more than 5,000 years of history since then its toning properties have been known:

    • Helps to invigorate and rejuvenate the body.
    • The ginseng root contains a large number of additive substances, among which essential fatty acids stand out: linoleic, linolenic, palmitic and oleic acids, some amino acids such as arginine, vitamins, mainly from group B, and it is also rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.
    • Regenerates the skin and its appearance thanks to its active ingredients that improve elasticity and accelerate the cell regeneration process. The active ingredients of ginseng achieve rapid and effective penetration into the lower layers of the skin, being a great antioxidant and rejuvenating agent. Slows skin aging and improves skin elasticity.
    • It is a powerful antioxidant that slows skin aging and provides elasticity to the skin, nourishing it.


    Considered a powerful aphrodisiac by the Chinese and Arabs, the ginger root from which its essential oil is extracted is a tuber with a thick and bulging shape that can suggest graceful shapes to the imagination.

    Its essential oil, dark amber, is quite recognizable by its peculiar aroma, somewhat spicy, strong and warm.

    Ginger provides the body with deep and stimulating heat at a physiological level, helping its fragrance penetrate deeply into the mind, providing energy and vigor.


    Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) is a shrub native to the deserts of Sonora (Mexico) and Mojave in the United States. It has a golden color and is very well preserved, with a thick texture. It contains wonderful nutrients for the skin. Among its properties is that it is emollient, moisturizing, creating a protective barrier on the pH of the skin and reduces moisture loss, anti-wrinkle thanks to its vitamins C and E that neutralize free radicals, it is antioxidant and soothing.

    Provides elasticity and firmness to the face, anti-inflammatory, calms skin irritations, reduces stretch marks. It has calming action. Thanks to its antiseptic function, it fights acne and reduces spots and scars on the skin.


    Shea has been used for centuries in Africa for its exceptional healing and moisturizing properties. It is an excellent cell regenerator that is applied to the skin and provides multiple benefits thanks to its vitamins and minerals.

    Vitamins A and E, which balance, hydrate and soothe the skin, and vitamin F, which revitalizes it. Collagen for the fight against aging. It is also used as a remedy against burns, scars and bumps. It has anti-inflammatory properties. The hydration is very long-lasting and it is a balm for sensitive areas. It is used to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, dry hands or heels. Lip repair.


    Hops is a plant of the humulus genus that belongs to the cannabinaceae family. The plant extract and strobes of hop clusters are particularly useful in cosmetics. It is originally from Europe.

    Traditionally, hops have been used in some Eastern countries to treat inflammatory conditions, insomnia, anorexia, and tuberculosis.

    Humulus lupulus extract is primarily antimicrobial in nature. It helps the skin to keep the formulation free from any microbial contamination and to eliminate bacteria that can cause acne or body odour. A layer is created on the skin that protects it from the outside environment, preserves skin moisture and makes it available for skin cells. In this way, the skin remains hydrated and smooth. It also helps remove the dead skin layer from the epidermis and cleanses the skin.


    Famous for the sweet flavor of its root, the aroma of its flower increases blood flow in the sexual organs of women, raising arousal and desire.

    Licorice root is bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, as well as a great antioxidant. Its powerful antiviral action, due to its essential oils, helps to regenerate the skin and favors its rehydration, providing a pleasant sensation of softness in the most intimate skin.



    Allantoin is a natural substance that promotes skin regeneration and stimulates epithelializing action. It also has a calming and healing effect.


    Arginine is an essential basic amino acid. It is used in many formulas as a natural stabilizer, much safer than conventional alkaline agents. It is biodegradable. The maintenance of the pH in the formulation is very important.

    Asiatic spark

    Centella has a composition rich in triterpene saponins, such as asiaticoside and madecassoside. Centella asiatica triterpenes have modulatory properties on the development and metabolism of connective tissue, stimulating the production of type-1 collagen. Centella extract is recommended when formulating cosmetic products to protect skin and hair against oxidative processes as it increases antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase.

    Vitamin E

    It has many properties but stands out for being known as the vitamin of youth and beauty. It is an antioxidant that protects cells from all external aggression such as pollution, pesticides and stress, the main cause of premature aging. Vitamin E also makes an important contribution to energy production.