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    Last News

    What is the frequency of normal sexuality by age?

    ¿Cuál es la frecuencia de sexualidad normal por edad?

    One of the most frequent questions that you usually ask us is the one that comes up here; “What is the frequency of normal sexuality according to my age?” and the next one is “I'm in the middle of other couples?”. It seems logical to compare ourselves with others, but the only truth is that there is no single answer to any of these questions.

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    Water-based lubricants, everything you need to know

    Lubricantes de base agua, todo lo que debes saber

    Water-based lubricants are the most versatile products and a great starting point to get started in this world. They can be used for any sexual need, and they make relationships more pleasurable. For example, you can use them for penetrative sex, for masturbation, or to use with sex toys. And they can also be used with condoms, since they have no interaction with latex, the product with which the vast majority are made.

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    Did we hear holidays? We're leaving with you!

    ¿Hemos oído vacaciones? ¡Nos vamos contigo!

    The holidays are just around the corner, and today we bring you some tips to flow doing it. Don't go filling it with just in case!

    Are you already looking forward to a good trip, right?

    What to pack in your suitcase is something that causes headaches before those long-awaited days to disconnect and let yourself go. That is why we must know how to organize well what we are going to put in. (In the suitcase xD)

    Our first advice is to make a list, however you want, on paper or tell Siri to point. Organize your outfits according to the days you are going to be traveling.

    Once we have the clothes ready. Take a look again and take out 3 or 4 garments that you have missed. Yes, this is what Marie Kondo would tell you. 

    Now think about what you are going to do and take what you need for those activities. 

    eye! If you want to leave in the company of your sex toys and you are going to travel by plane, it is better that they see each other. No, you don't have to carry them in your hand, but you do have to put them in your suitcase in a visible way so that when you go through control they don't make you take them out and the whole airport looks at you strangely, because there are people who do a lot missing a click. 

    We know that wherever you go you are going to put the airplane mode and you are going to disconnect, and that, in the end, makes you connect with those closest to you. The touch makes love and if the atmosphere heats up, don't forget to put a pack of Lubets in your suitcase. And if you go by plane, don't worry, our monodoses are 4ml, so up to 100... do the math, with us you always win, so we'll go with you in your hand luggage. Who knows, as Rosalía would say, maybe you fancy a good slip "With height". 


    You already have your suitcase packed 

    now relax and enjoy, we take care of taking you to experience thousands of sensations. What are you waiting for?

    Let's go!



    Tips to increase pleasure

    Chivatazos para aumentar el placer

    Techniques for sexual pleasure to increase.


    Each person is unique and no matter how much we pull from the abc manual and g-spots, they are not always valid clues for everyone.

    And then?

    Today we bring you some tips, which are general guidelines that do not fail anyone. Because no one is bitter about a sweet, much less a good slip. 

    It is time to take bad sex seriously and look for alternatives that make sexual relations worthwhile. Having good sex is like finishing the best bar of chocolate in the world and wanting to open another one when you finish.

    You always have to keep a good taste in your mouth, otherwise, something does not flow. And we are specialists in making everything flow. Here we go:


    - Empathy and creativity:

    Worrying about what your partner likes or doesn't like helps build trust and benefits both of you. Tell your fantasies and make it clear what you like and what you don't. It will be a WinWin to the bottom.


    - Kiss Me Kiss Me a Lot...

    You don't have to think that it could be the last night, of course, you don't have to take the songs to the letter. What you do have to do is kiss, slow, fast, wild, from the feet to the head, play with your tongue and run it all over her body. That warms the atmosphere.


    - Let's play?

    Once you have warmed up the atmosphere, remember that there is life beyond the clitoris or the penis, investigate other erogenous zones before reaching penetration, there is a whole world to discover that will undoubtedly make your slips more pleasurable. Feet, ears, back, hands, neck...Massage and kiss, use us to increase your feelings and get in tune. 


    - If it starts to boil, continue stirring

    Orgasm is not everything, in women once the orgasm is over, you have to continue giving it attention and affection. Also, remember that they have the possibility of continuing and having multiple orgasms, so once it has boiled...keep stirring!


    To increase pleasure remember that you can also use sex toys. And always have a Lubets to make your moments more fun, pleasant and unique. One "click" and everything flows. Lubrication will help you make everything...in and out!






    You flow, therefore you exist.

    Fluyes, luego existes.


    You are born, you grow, you reproduce or not, and you die. And is it already?

    They say that is what the cycle of life consists of!

    But between those stages, once you've grown up, you discover the wonderful world of flow. Sex is a necessary good, making love, enjoying yourself, or having a good slip as we like to call it, is an incredible act, one of the greatest pleasures in the universe. And little is said about it.

    Although it is true, more than talking, we like to take action, but society in general (although less and less) tends to hide and leave sexual experiences for intimacy, because there are still taboos.

    The lack of sexual education and what movies show has distorted the meaning of having sex. Either it's hardcore like in porn, or it has to be ideal like in American movies. And everything that was not positioned between those two sides, remains in the brain silenced without counting it, it could be that doing something very different from that they tell us that we are doing it wrong. How fun it is to break with reality with just one click!

    The myths and stereotypes surrounding a good slip are still the order of the day, but it is time to put an end to all that and flow towards freer thinking. Do it how you want, with who you want, when you want. That is our biggest advice, and if you want to flow like no one else, you know, take us out of your pocket and improve your experiences.

    Let yourself go,

    Make it fun, do it a lot, a little, fast, slow, with toys, without them, but always flowing, let nothing and no one stop you from discovering what you like the most.

    You are born, you grow, you reproduce or not, and you flow. That is living.

    If you feel like flowing, don't miss out on everything we can do for you. Click and take us with you.