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    Our products are of the highest quality, have ecological components and comply with all EU guarantees.

    Consult all the information and if you do not find your answers here, contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

    Lubets makes the small print big.

    Are Lubets safe and hygienic?

    Lubets comply with all the guarantees in terms of safety and hygiene of the EU. They are vacuum packed, so their conservation is safe and long lasting.

    Are they easy to apply?

    Much, your Lubets open with one hand and you can apply them directly on the area.

    Where is the sensation enhancer applied?

    They are applied directly to the penis or vagina, there is no need to pour them into the hand first.

    How much quantity do I need in each session?

    With a Lubet is enough, unless your ardor leads you to repeat ad infinitum.

    Can I use all the sensation enhancers with condoms?

    Only water-based ones are compatible, not oil-based ones.

    Are sensation enhancers edible?

    No hay riesgo alguno de contacto oral, aunque estemos pensados para uso externo.

    Are Orgasm Enhancers Safe?

    Totally, they only activate the blood supply to the genitals, providing heat and a pleasant itching that increases pleasure during intercourse.

    Why use Lubets over other products?

    Lubets are practical, discreet, easy to carry, hygienic, fun and elegant, as well as ideal as gifts. Nothing comparable to the jars of more than one use, vulgar, anti-erotic, unhygienic and also keep for less time.

    Are Lubets very polluting?

    Lubets minimizes the use of plastic in its packaging and its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

    What characterizes the Water-Based Sensations Enhancer?

    It is a lubricant that is developed based on this ingredient. This makes it light, very easy to clean, does not stain and evaporates more easily than oil-based lubricant. It can be used with all kinds of penetrations, vaginal or anal. They are not indicated for use in water, as they are diluted. They can be used with toys and condoms.

    What characterizes the Oil-Based Sensations Enhancer?

    The oil-based lubricant is suitable for sex in water, since it is not diluted, or for anal sex due to its density. In the same way, they respond much better to burning or dryness, because by not evaporating, they last longer.