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    Pack Runners at the Olympics

    You have the spirit of a medalist, of a true slip champion.

    If so, this pack is perfect for you. If you are a perfectionist and you are looking for the 10 also when it comes to flow, you will love what we have for you...

    On one hand we have the male orgasm enhancer, which is going to make every ending a fireworks display. Do you want another mascletá? And another? And another one? Well, you will not be able to separate yourself from the orgasm enhancer.

    In addition, you will also have the male orgasm retardant, the one that will make you a true marathon runner. When you use it you will enjoy longer relationships, but also more pleasant ones. The one who said that the good thing, if brief, is twice as good, surely he was not referring to this specific case. Here it is more about 'the more the better'.

    And we don't forget the water based lubricant, an all-rounder that can be used with sex toys and condoms and that makes everything, absolutely everything, flow freely. 

    In total, 30 opportunities to break your own records, to build muscle and show that yes, you are a true runner, even if you are not an Olympian.

    Each Lubets is one 4 milliliter single dose, the exact amount of a good slip. You can open and apply us with a simple click and we are natural as life itself. In addition, we are ecological and perfect for a gift that does not go unnoticed.

    Gastos de envío gratis en pedidos superiores a 25 euros.


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    Potenciador de Orgasmo Femenino Ecológico - Potenciador de
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    Mix pack Lubets 7 units
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    Pack 10 Ecological Water-Based Lubricant
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    Pack 10 Ecological Male Orgasm Delay