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    Pack “Before, during and after”

    Lubricants and socks? Yes baby ;)

    Because with cold feet you don't slip well and for everything to flow you need more than wanting to. 

    So, it's time to click, open your mind and the door to your socks and discover that lubricants no longer come in a short roll bottle.

    Accept it, the “Before, during and after” pack of Lubets + Dabooty Ecowear he's a born revolutionist and... you're going to love it! So much so that we've even included some earplugs for your poor neighbors' ears.  

    Gift it or gift it to yourself! You choose ;)

    The box includes:

    • 1 pair of socks small size (36-40).
    • 1 pair of socks large size (41-45).
    • 1 box with 10 Lubets, ecological heat effect lubricant.
    • Earplugs (to distribute among your neighbors so you don't have any complaints).

    Gastos de envío gratis en pedidos superiores a 25 euros.


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