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    Pack If you tell me come, let's go with everything

    Wherever you go, take us. With you, with everything.

    If you've come this far, don't stop. The body asks you. Now don't back down. It is the moment that you discover that we are p e r f e c t s. And that your special moments will be more than ever. That's why you need us in pack format.

    Have you stopped to think about giving away an experience that can be carried in your pocket? 

    Are you the one who gets things moving when your friends invite you to dinner? Forget the wine, wear the unique, sexy and fun detail that nobody expects.

    Is someone of your friends depressed and you don't know what to say to them to stop crying for their crush? Believe us, there is no smile that can resist us. 

    Do you feel like giving someone a hint with a happy ending? We are specialists in the beginning.

    The pack If you tell me to come, let's go with everything includes all our sensation enhancers, lubricants and massage oils in a format of ten units. In total, 70 opportunities to flow and enjoy pleasure to the nth degree.

    Enjoy all the Lubets:

    • Female orgasm enhancer.
    • Male orgasm enhancer.
    • Gel that enhances sensations with a heat effect.
    • Oil-based sensation-enhancing gel.
    • Water-based sensation-enhancing gel.
    • Male orgasm retardant.
    • massage oil

    Gastos de envío gratis en pedidos superiores a 25 euros.


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    Potenciador de Orgasmo Femenino Ecológico - Potenciador de
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    Mix pack Lubets 7 units
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    Pack 10 Ecological Water-Based Lubricant
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    Pack 10 Ecological Male Orgasm Delay