Do we go deeper?

If you're here, it's because you're curious, you want more ...

Or are you very identified with this lifestyle that suits you. Flowing and slipping is all starting!

Now, let's be serious. Our thing is to provoke smiles and orgasms.

We introduce ourselves.

You can carry us in your pocket in two formats, 10 or 3 unique opportunities.

Our packaging is so fun that ours is going to be a here I click you, here I catch you.

Natural and ecological
Most of us are created with natural and ecological ingredients, with soft and subtle aromas.

Our thing is to create an environment, not destroy it
We respect the environment. The material of our containers incorporates almost half the material of a typical can and the manufacturing process is of low energy impact.

Our opening system is so simple that you will open it with one hand and apply it with two fingers.

Very clean
The jars and cans are a "downer", our single-use format is designed so that you do not lose the desire, or the time and much less style.

We keep very well
We are vacuum packed, which makes us very fresh when used.

An outstanding format
To choose between a box of 10 or 3 unique opportunities, with which you will surely repeat.